The Power of Evidence

The first Evidence-Based Learning and Assessment System that takes the guesswork out of scoring authentic student work

Why look at student work?

Effective Teaching and Learning boils down to one thing – evaluating how students apply content knowledge to investigate real world problems, analyze different options, and communicate their solution. Unlike testing and grading, authentic work allows students to demonstrate their mastery of these competencies.

Authentic work is the new benchmark of performance and employability. Whether a paper, presentation, audio, video, image, web page or more, we make it easy to capture, upload and evaluate student work.


Where We Come Into Play


Evaluation of Authentic
Student Work

Assess all kinds of work products and tag evidence against standards-based criteria


Professional Learning
and Coaching

Calibrate teacher expectations by looking at student work and coach teachers online to improve their practice


Teacher and Principal

Evaluate candidates on what they can do as future teachers and leaders before they enter the classroom

What makes us different?

Rather than just providing scores or letter grades, we focus on tagging evidence on student work based on rubric criteria, because meaningful feedback results in better teaching and learning.



Susan Malone
HS English Teacher

Our school has been doing performance assessments and writing across the curriculum for years. Having kids upload their essays where I can tag evidence against our rubric is so intuitive that I can’t believe we did it any other way. There is no going back.


James Wright
District PD Coach

ShowEvidence really streamlines my work as a coach and makes it easy for us to communicate together. I can put my comments and rubric tags directly on the video of the teachers and administrators for a more reflective coaching session.


Dr. Lyn Countryman
Coordinator of Student Teaching – UNI

The ShowEvidence platform is elegant! When we looked at other products, they just focused on scores, which is not very helpful when developing student teachers. Being able to tag their artifacts to our rubrics gives our candidates the feedback they need to improve.

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